Full Name
Dr. Shameka Gerald
Job Title
Vice President of Learning
Speaker Bio
Dr. Shameka N. Gerald is an innovative leader who works to develop learning environments that meet the needs of each student and prepare them to enter an ever-changing world. She believes that schools are the heart of communities and that the rich experiences each student, family, and staff member bring are contributions to the learning environment and are essential to meaningful learning.
As the Vice President of Learning Dr. Gerald leads the work to codify, support and assess YELLOWHAB's innovate learning ecosystem. She also oversees organizational learning, strategic plan development, and measurement of organizational impact to ensure the work continuously meets the needs of our local, national, and global community. Her passion for creating equitable learning environments — combined with her experience in education innovation — allow her to co-create learning systems that amplify the unique strengths of each learner.
Dr. Shameka Gerald